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Are the Ottomans back?

Address on Energy Geo-politics to THE ARAB BANKERS ASSOCIATION 22.10.20

Offending Clauses

Speech to House of Lords 20.10.20

Realistic pathways to 2050

Speech to House of Lords 12.03.20  ​​

Britain the lucky country

Speech to House of Lords 30.01.20

- HS2 debate

Lord Howell' contribution to the HS2 debate in the House of Lords 

Oct 03, 2019

Lord Howell’s speech to the Royal Society of St. George - Bath 04.10.19

Lord Howell’s  speech in Bath says the Commonwealth network should now have a central place in Britain’s new priorities and policies

Alternatives which work

Speech to House of Lords 05.09.19

Speech to Lords

Now the only way out

Speech to House of Lords  Lords 05.09.19

Leeds Business School Address - 31.07.19

Lord Howell calls for really radical Johnson move. End shoe-string UK  diplomacy. Combine DFID and FCO. Create a £15-16 billion budget truly powerful spearhead for the UK’s international  influence and interests.

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