The Japan Affair Volumes I and II. Through a series of articles spanning some forty years, David Howell takes us through the story of the relationship between these two island nations - a story that covers national development right up to the situation at the end of 2020.

'David Howell has rightly secured his position as one of the leading strategic political thinkers of the last fifty years’ – Lord Lothian, chairman  of the Global Strategy Forum

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Born in 1936, David Howell has served the UK for over 50 years both as an MP & a Member of the House of Lords, the ONLY Minister to have served in Ted Heath's, Margaret Thatcher's AND  David Cameron's governments. 

Along with his other varied positions, such as current  Chairman of the Windsor Energy Group & President of the Royal Commonwealth Society, Lord Howell embraces technological innovation and has a clear, in-depth understanding of developments in energy, and of matters concerning  the Commonwealth.  His writing  draws on vast experience in both business and government  that gives him unique insight and wisdom in our perpetually changing world.

Goto: More about David Howell for a fuller biography.

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