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 Selection of recent items  from David Howell

Pathway to UK net-zero: a gargantuan task

David Howell - July 10th energy piece  in House Magazine- The gigantic net zero task -possible but vastly expensive

~How not to go nuclear - Hinckley & Sizewell_ The Article 29.01.24

~A little bit of history- The Commanding Heights

 ~Disorder & survival - by David Howell 

The Sizewell Error, Looking for ways of wasting public funds? Politeia 26.01.24

Disruption, disorder and progress- The Article 10.01.24

~ Lord Howell - CPTPP speech - House of Lords 21.11.23


~  Why we should be doing the opposite with China to what the Sinophobes and hardliners want.- House of Lords 19.10.23

~ Why we are dealing with a totally changed rest of Europe’- House of Lords 20.09.23

~ Nuclear Power and avoiding the next big mistake  - House of Lords 07.09.23

~ NZ still in the foothills - House of Lords 07.06.23

~ Commonwealth & Coronation
~ Commonwealth and UK Strategy - speech to the Lords- 03.05.23
~ The Budget statement - the case for telling the honest truth-  Lord Howell 16.03.23

~ Sizewell: In nuclear power, small is beautiful- The Article 16.03.23

 ~ Lord Howell of Guildford speaks on A Better Union, and Regaining Scottish  consent
- 20.01.23 - House of Lords 20.01.23

~ Speech to House of Lords – 12.01.23- Curbing Government powers and the questions no-one asks
~ Daily Telegraph-  Kishida's visit to London signals a golden era of cooperation between Britain and Japan_13.01.23-Lord Howell  &  Jonathan Mclory
~ U.K.-Japan relations grow stronger amid these trying times - Japan Times_ 29.12.22

Updating the Integrated Review of UK Foreign and Defence Policy-  Lord Howell of Guildford's published submission to the Foreign Affairs Committee Review 14.11.22
S ~ Nuclear weapons, China and Ukraine  
Behind all the strikes 
Arab Banking Association Speech_  Crystol Energy-Seminar on Energy Crisis_06.10.22

 ~ Thatcher’s energy plan was derailed – now we are paying a gigantic price  Short-termism prevailed in the push for nuclear power - The Telegraph - 26.09.22

 ~ The fate of the Commonwealth after Queen Elizabeth's death - The Japan Times- 13.09.22


Tribute - 09.09.22  (House of Lords)

The neo-non-aligned nations: are they our friends in need? - The Article - 11.08.22

Tax cuts alone won't stop civil protest over rising energy bills -  The House magazine - 15.08.22

~ An economic lesson from Japan

How does a country that imports massive volumes of oil with a weak currency keep inflation at around 2.3%?

 ~ Response to Sunday Times article claiming to ‘explain’ high energy bills 31.07.22

 Energy Security Bill 2nd Reading
-  House of Lords – 19.07.22 


~Escaping a confusing global energy maze

      There are many contradictions, such as trying to phase   out fossil fuels while demanding increased production –   Japan Times -  04.07.22


 ~ Evolving Commonwealth and UK Strategy

Lord Howell opens Lords Debate and calls for Commonwealth Network to be at the centre of UK policy and security’

  ~ Putin’s brutal war has left almost no nation or corner of humanity untouched- The House - 22.06.22


 ~ Iraq-British Business Council -  Speech by Lord Howell of Guildford - Mansion House 
24th May 2022


​Financial Times – Comment – 07.04.22

 ~ Amid global energy chaos, uncertainties grow
- The Japan Times 04.04.22


 ~David Howell comment on seven new nuclear plants story 1979 -  – The Article   29.03.22

 ~ The solution to the Ukraine crisis lies in Asia
- The Japan Times 02.03.22

~Lord Howell calls for  ‘Mobilizing  the world, not just the West, to halt Putin the pariah  

                      – Speech to the Lords 25.02.22

  China vs. the British Commonwealth
-  The Japan Times 29.12.21

 ~ High Energy prices and the switch to net zero

 - Letter to the Times 28.12.21

War with Ukraine will not benefit Russia one iota - whatever the Outcome - 
House Magazine 16.12.21


 ~ UK Nuclear Power – The Questions that now have to be answered- 
Speech to the House of Lords 09.12.21

Fixing Europe’s migrant predicament requires a new approach   - Japan Times 29.11.21

Energy Crisis - the way out

 - Speech to the Lords 14.10.21

  The submarine row that is sinking diplomatic relations

 - Japan Times-20.09.21

Letter: Equity ownership is the right kind of levelling up  

 - Financial Times 14.09.21

 ~ A nuclear crisis foreseen and predicted

 - Japan Times  05.08.21

 ~Lord Howell opens Lords Debate on Commonwealth Trade _08.07.21

~ How the Irish question affects us all

- Japan Times 30.06.21

'David Howell has rightly secured his position as one of the leading strategic political thinkers of the last fifty years’ – Lord Lothian, chairman  of the Global Strategy Forum

Born in 1936, David Howell has served the UK for over 50 years both as an MP & a Member of the House of Lords, the ONLY Minister to have served in Ted Heath's, Margaret Thatcher's AND  David Cameron's governments.  

Along with his other varied positions, such as current  Chairman of the Windsor Energy Group & President of the Royal Commonwealth Society, Lord Howell embraces technological innovation and has a clear, in-depth understanding of developments in energy, and of matters concerning  the Commonwealth.  His writing  draws on vast experience in both business and government  that gives him unique insight and wisdom in our perpetually changing world. 

Goto: More about David Howell for a fuller biography.

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