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Born in 1936, David Howell has served the UK for over 50 years both as an MP & a Member of the House of Lords, the ONLY Minister to have served   in Ted Heath's, Margaret Thatcher's AND  David Cameron's governments. 

 Along with his other varied positions, such as  as Chairman of the Windsor Energy Group & President of the Royal Commonwealth Society, Lord Howell embraces technological innovation and has a clear, in-depth understanding of developments in energy, and of matters concerning  the Commonwealth.  He is currently Chairman of the Windsor Energy Group 

His writing  draws on vast experience in both business and government  that gives him unique insight and wisdom in our perpetually changing world. 

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Read Lord Howell's speech in the HS2 debate here

LONDON – Lucky Japan with its new imperial era of beautiful harmony. How the Europeans wish they had some of the same elixir. Of course Japan has an unlucky side, too, when it comes to the ravages of nature, with terrible typhoons, tsunamis and earthquakes visiting wit...

My Lords, Hong Kong had everything going for it, including a fabulous future as part of the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay area, which was and still is destined to be one of the richest, most innovative and powerful regions on the entire planet. Mention of the B...

Oddly, there is little or nothing in the gracious Speech about turbulent outside world events, except of course the eternal Brexit, despite their major impact on our lives and issues here at home. In particular it is a great pity—indeed, I find it rather shocking—that...

Neither Robinson nor Marr have grasped the difference between the big

business, corporatist type of legislation for workers, mostly coming from the

EU, and the small-business-friendly social and employment legislation that

we need and which is far better suited to both wo...

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